Prayers of the grooms

Anyone who makes a bride and groom happy merits five voices

Under the canopy on their day of joy, adorned with new clothing as kings, grooms stand on the day of their wedding and pray with tears, and with joy and desire and with a high degree of Our God, the King’s decree. Because a groom’s prayer reaches the gates of heaven and opens all the gates, putting the prayers through all the barriers, it is a king’s right.

The Beit Abraham Fund gives the ability for grooms to enter their canopy with peace of mind, by participating in the burden of wedding expenses when it comes to an orphan groom, or a family in terrible distress, and the same tears in the heart of this bridegroom and his pure prayer, the same tears that were supposed to be for his distress will now be for your own request.

All supporters and donors of the Beit Avraham fund are mentioned for salvation, easy marriage and all blessings and success, in the groom’s prayer – who is like a king on his wedding day.

You too can join now and have the right to be mentioned by grooms at a great and rare time. You too can now receive immediate salvation. Donate now to the poor and orphaned grooms and rejoice with a bride and groom on their wedding day. Receive five voices of joy and well-being.