Daily prayer on the tomb of the Chazon Ish

All who make a permanent place for his prayer, the God of our fathers is at his aid. The power of a fixed prayer, in a fixed place, never returns empty. This is the promise of the Sages.

Every day, many of the young scholars, both learned in Tora and God fearing, assemble a time of prayer and plea for names given by donors and supporters of the Beit Abraham Fund. On the holy grave of the man whose name is on the fund, which is full of merits and tremendous actions, his great disciples are walking his way, waking up this sacred right to petition them in the heavens.

Can the prayer of the Chazon Ish return unanswered? Of course not. When his students, as sons of Maran ZT”L ask, there is a salvation for those who contribute to this true charity. Already, many exemplary stories of great salvation have been known to happen due to regular prayer of the Minyan of Torah students at the tomb of the Sages, and already the great Rabbis of Israel have testified that this is especially suitable for praying to bear children.

Along with the daily prayer at the tomb, the donor’s names are also transmitted to the table of Rabbi David Chaim Stern Shlit”a, who prays with them, for the donor’s needs. And surely such a prayer does not return empty and great salvation will happen at this great hour.