Support for widows and orphans

Whose heart does not melt at the cry of an orphan and widow in severe distress? The widow’s ability to earn a wage and family’s livelihood is minimal and with no father to lean on, the family is in dire straits. An anguished widow’s tears reach the heavens.

If their sorrow is so great at this situation, their joy at receiving help must be doubled and the joy of an orphan and widow reached straight to the gates of heaven, as well.

The Beit Abraham Fund provides monthly regular support to widows, orphans and their families who are in dire financial straits. We are with them, holding back the tears and bringing into their home a degree of financial well-being.

You too can be part of it, you can give them a first smile after a long period of tears, to another anguished widow and another little orphan. This merit is yours by supporting the Abraham Fund, and you will receive an immediate heavenly blessing.