Tuition fund – preventing dropout

You can rely on the prayers of Jewish children. It is a Great and wonderful segula for having children – to support the Torah study of poor children, to prevent dropout and care for their education and future.

The Beit Abraham Fund supports orphans and children of families in severe financial distress, paying tuition when required, also attaching a mentor to accompany a child or teenager with emotional and educational mentoring. Close support gives security to the child and prevents deterioration from distress, to the point of dropping out. From years of experience we know that with relatively little financial investment, we win entire generations who continue and walk the Torah path.

These merits are credited to the donors and the assistants, those who reach out and support poor children. Take care of the poor people because Torah will grow by them.

Multiple blessing will come to supporters and donors of charity Beit Avraham – the blessing of the Torah that protects and saves from any bad and corrupting harm. And an innocent child’s prayer surely will be answered. They will pray for you, a special blessing for the donors according to their names and requests.