Out of the circle of poverty project

The ship is rocking in a stormy sea, its passengers cry out for help with great anxiety, they are about to drown. It turns out there is a hole in the ship, and another hole on the other side, and another hole on the other. You can close one hole and say – I at least slowed down the pace, lengthened their lives, and run to help many more boats in need of help-  or you can take care of hole after hole, until the ship is fully reconstructed so that all its passengers never drown again.

There are eight levels of charity, one greater than the other, and none is greater than that which helps your brethren in business, and gives him a gift, loan, partnership, or invents his craft to strengthen his hand until he no longer has to ask for charity. (Maimonides, laws of tzedakah)

Just as Maimonides writes, the highest degree of charity, is to remove people from the cycle of poverty – “until he has no need to ask.” Not just local help and assistance, not just “extinguishing fires,”

rehabilitation. Project “out of the cycle of poverty” takes family after family and restores its economic management, by removing the motives of great debts, lack of vocational training, medical distress, all that is needed to bring them back into an independent economic life.

We will deal with the problem, close all holes in the sinking ship, and make sure that all its occupants have the advantage of it.

 Thus, we were guided from the day of the founding of “Beit Avraham”, when the hand of the righteous Rabbi David Chaim Stern Shlit”a did not leave the hands of the great Rabbis of recent generations. They, and in particular, our Rabbi, the Steipler ZT”L, have outlined the unique way of the charity, and their explicit instructions guide the fund to this day.