Medical expenses assistance plan

When were you able to save a world with a small amount of money?

The pain and difficulty of a family coping with illness and hospitalization of one family member is unbearable. The difficulty is doubled when the father of the family, the main breadwinner is ill, or in many other cases, the mother of the family is ill.  Many times, one of the children or parents’ illness requires mental and physical resources, enough to break the economic backbone and the normal conduct of a family.

Added to this difficulty and coping are, in many cases, large medical expenses that affect current economic practice reaching far beyond the fixed income, which also entails large loans, heavy debts and financial collapse in coping with the medical condition.

The Beit Avraham Fund operates extensively in this area, to exclude the medical expense from the current cycle, to facilitate the management of the home, to assist as much as possible so that the home can continue to run at least relatively smoothly, for the benefit of all members of the family.

Supporting this plan is doubly important, it entails charity, supporting families in need and helping with medical treatment and lifesaving treatment.

And he who saves one soul is as if he saved an entire world.