Marrying off a poor orphaned bride

She stands under the canopy and her father is not with her. Her tears flow and wet the white dress, the flower arrangement. Her joy is never complete. An orphan bride. Is there a pair of words so sad, so moving?

At this great, rare hour, we are with her. The Beit Avraham fund accompanies orphaned brides to the chuppa with financial support, with large bridal financial grants that provide an initial basic and serious backing for the establishment of a Jewish home in Israel – made with joy and without worry and lack.

The Beit Abraham Fund supports special grants, dowry, assistance in the organization of the wedding and all that is encompassed – for orphaned and poor brides. Her father is not there for her, but there is someone who listens to her and cares for her. And when there is one who cares for her, a father in heaven, saves the donors in response to the prayer of an orphan bride on her wedding day.

All donors are credited with being named by the bride and groom on their wedding day, at the time of the wedding – a time of mercy, along with the prayer of the righteous Rabbi David Chaim Stern Shlit”a – in prayer and blessing for great salvation in soul and spirit, this rare segula is known for a finding a Shidduch and establishing of a holy home in Israel.