Special holiday support

A person must make his household happy on the holidays. And what about those who can’t buy something new? And can barely make himself happy? And those who even have no food for holiday feasts?

The Beit Abraham Fund brings the simple joy of the holiday, to the homes of hundreds of families in terrible financial distress, orphans, widows and sick people. We give them a reason to smile on the holiday and rejoice with the holiday as in any Jewish home. A respectable, discreet and appropriately-funded grant gives them the ability to smile and be happy at the holiday, to sit around the holiday dinner table with fish, or chicken, a bottle of wine, even to give something new to the children.

We do not have a great ability, but in our small capacity we bring great joy.

When you come into the holiday, you buy something for yourself, for your family, for the joy of the holiday. Think about them too, give a little for unmatched joy. And thanks to your charity, you will be blessed with a joyful and holy holiday, a holiday of peace and love in your family, a holiday of perfection.