Seudat Ani’im – meals for the poor on your special day

Giving a meal to the poor on the day of the wedding is a known and famous segula. Also known are the words of the Gemara, which tells of the daughter of Rabbi Akiva who was rescued from death by a poisonous snake, on her wedding day, thanks to the food she gave to a poor man that day.

 It has become common practice, giving to the poor and even making a special feast for them, or to invite them to enjoy the wedding feast along with the other guests, in order to preserve this precious and important custom. 

However, it is not always possible from the technical point of view and we do not always remember to give the poor on such a busy and exciting day. Beit Abraham Fund offers you a convenient and effective way to give the poor a feast on the day of joy and at the very joyous hour, for families of Torah scholars, who are in poverty. 

You choose the day, the amount of donation and its preferred destination – orphans, widows, an orphaned bride who gets married that day, families of Torah scholars who are in poverty or any Jew who needs help and financial support. We will give him the donation exactly as you request, so you will have this important segula and 100 % effective charity given to the poor.