Get a blessing and a segula from the great tzaddik

For many years, the rare Segulas of the righteous Rabbi David Chaim Stern Shlit”a have been known. The masses received his special blessing and prayer. Many were rescued and saw visible miracles, thanks to his hidden actions, according to the Kabbala.

Rabbi Stern has a one and only condition, that he presents to all those who come to his home in request for good advice, blessing, or salvation. First of all, says the righteous Rabbi Shlit”a – Charity. Charity will save from death and has the power to bring a person to redemption and salvation and light the darkness in great light.

The contribution to Rabbi Stern’s charity fund – the Beit Avraham fund, is true charity, 100 percent of the money that goes for the real poor.

Do you also want a personal blessing from Rabbi Stern? Do you also need a rare prayer and special blessing according to your name? All donors of the Beit Avraham charity are blessed with special daily prayers for the Beit Abraham Fund donors. You can donate right now through the site and immediately send the full name to the blessing and prayer with a special request in detail on a particular matter.

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