Blessing of gedolei Yisrael

A special messenger of the charity fund will go out today especially for you to the grave of Maran Chazon Ish. May his memory be blessed, and will pray for your request

Donate now to the Chazon Ish’s fund, participate in charity and get the special prayer today

The early days of the Beit Abraham Fund are credited with the absolute confidence of all the great Rabbis of Israel, of all communities and sectors, which expresses, most of all, the great appreciation of the great Rabbis and the trust of those who lead the Fund and its doings, and the dedication of its manager, the righteous Rabbi David Chaim Stern, Shlit”a 

Maran the Steipler, expressed himself several times and even wrote on several occasions, his absolute trust and confidence in Rabbi David CChaim Stern, in letters kept by family members. However, one line he wrote was published by family members, which was of great benefit to the fund itself. And so, writes the Steipler “to Rabbi David Stern who has already acted in great numbers and numerous rescues, and who is a private person, one who exceeds famous institutions and perhaps more”.

A rare and special letter in his own handwriting, from Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv ztzok”l, who in his letter gives a rare promise: “and Bli Neder when they mention the donor’s names, I will ask for them to be blessed by the source of blessings to every for every good thing”. In light of this promise, even after the passing of Rabbi Elyashiv Ztzok”l – the rabbis of the Beit 

Avraham fund go to his grave and pray for the donor of the fund to, so he shall pray for the donors of the fund as he promised in his life.

The blessing and assurance of the great Rabbis of Israel, brought in their letter, holds a promise to all donors and supporters of the Beit Abraham Fund. The letter is signed by Maran Rabbi Michal Yehuda Lefkowitz and Rabbi Chaim Pinchas Schainberg ZT”L Rabbi Aharon Leib Steinman ZT”L, Reb  Nissim Karleitz and the genius Rabbi Yaakov Edelstein ZT”L and Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, may God extend his years: they write: the Beit Avraham fund does great things and may those who donate to support the Beit Avraham-Chazon Ish fund be blessed by God from His treasure of plenty in this world and the world to come.